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Revive & Replenish Hair Serum

Do you have drab, lifeless hair? Do you suffer from hair fall? Are you like I was? Hair everywhere! In the sink, clogging the drain, included in every family member's meal? Yuck! More hair on the floor than floor! Even after several dietary changes it was a battle I was losing.

Revive & Replenish Hair Serum

I didn't know how I wasn't completely bald with the amount of hair I was constantly losing and I was becoming seriously concerned. What I had left was drab, limp and lifeless. After some deep research, I formulated a simple and amazing topical solution! After using Revive and Replenish just 3 times, my hair fall stopped! My hair has become fuller, shinier and so alive!

Key Ingredients: *Azadirachta Indica, *Borago Officinalis, *Rincinus Communis, *Rosmarinus Officinalis, and *Lavendula Bulgaria in carriers of *Coconut, Olive, *Safflower, and *Avocado oils

Directions for use: Once to twice weekly to start then monthly, apply 1-2 droppers along roots (a little goes a long way!), massage into scalp. For best results, brush through toward ends. Leave on at least 10 minutes (ok to leave on overnight). Shampoo out. Style as usual. Enjoy those locks Rapunzel!

Have allergies? We can customize!

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