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What They’re Saying About Our Award Winning Programs!


"Billie has saved my life, found out I was extremely diabetic in January with blood glucose of 23, with an A1C of 13.5. Last week my A1C was at 6.4, the proof is in the pudding! If your ready for a change, go see Billie. She is so caring, and she is so helpful."

Lish Duguay


"I was just looking to knock some fat off of my body but what I gained was much more. Lost over 50 lbs quickly and very very safe manner. Not only did I lose the weight but I was pre-diabetic and now I'm no longer. Had bad cholesterol and plaque buildup on the arteries and all that has been put into reverse. I highly recommend anyone to the service whether it's to lose weight or just get healthy in fact you'll get it all."

Harv L

Food Knolling

"At 42 year young and trying all diets and exercise to keep weight off the one thing I didn't know how to do was to incorporate fats. I guess it was just my generation? Billie really made introducing my body to fats again and learning how to eat keto so simple. I definitely could not have done this without her. She came highly recommended to me from my neighbor and now I will highly recommend her as well. There's an obvious reason - she's amazing!"

Lorianne L

Neon Sign

"How can one possibly convey a review on something that changes your life completely in every way? I was an uncontrolled diabetic, multiple stokes and in kidney failure close to dialysis. I was on more prescription meds than I could hold in both arms and still my health was failing fast. Finally my doctor recommended Billie at Lotus Within and everything has changed! I’m off all blood glucose lowering meds, and down to one blood pressure pill. I’ve lost over 60 pounds, 11” off my waist and my HBA1C is 5.4! I have the energy to be active, I’m not hungry ever and I know I can sustain this for life with all the knowledge Billie has shared with me. If you want to take control of your health, book a free consultation. You won’t regret it!"

Tom L

"Where do I begin! How do you thank someone from releasing you from a prison of constantly disliking ones body, refusing social gatherings because I hated the way I looked and had nothing to wear that looked decent. I didn’t want to buy new clothes because I was determined not to give in to this overweight body. Then I was introduced to Billie Weatherall at Lotus Within and her fabulous programs. I did the fast weight loss program for 3 months and now moving to keto. The program eliminated my cravings for sugar, cakes, bread and grains. But don’t worry, they are not gone from your life forever, there are delicious keto versions. I had some complications but with Billie’s expert knowledge and coaching I have overcome those and I will never look back. I literally feel like I have been liberated from daily reprimanding myself for not sticking to the diet I said I would start that morning when I woke up, and feeling hopelessly out of control with cravings that I could not control even though I am a reasonably intelligent women and know better. Loosing 35lbs in such a short time has changed my outlook on everything. I am so happy, love going out and all my tiny clothes that were stored in the basement are back in my closet. My AFib is so much better and I’m off those awful meds. If you are thinking about joining Billie’s programs, do yourself the best favour you can and do it. I tried every diet under the sun and finally realized I needed help, and yes more than weight watchers type help (who’s program doesn’t work if you are insulin resistant which most of us are thanks to sugars). Good luck readers of this review, take the plunge and start shopping for a tiny bathing suit for the summer!"



Jennifer L


"Keto saved my life and Billie is the master of the Ketogenic way of life. Diabetic diagnosed in June 2019 with A1c of 9.9 and 3 months later down to 6.0, no meds. Cholesterol, Blood pressure, liver enzymes, EVERYTHING came down, and I lost 35 lbs in the process. Doctors were astonished. This way of life works amazingly well for so many ills. It’s one of the benefits of Billie’s outstanding program."

Peter Van Antwerpen

Measuring Waist

"Billie is a wealth of knowledge on health, wellness, and ketogenic nutrition. Would absolutely recommend her services to all."


Bobby M

Healthy Food

"Billie is amazing and so supportive and knowledgeable. I have learned so much and have confidence moving forward that I can maintain this lifestyle. Losing weight and inches was just a great side benefit! Thank you Billie💃"

Bev H


"I have been on Keto for 10 months, lost 25lbs and feel great. Billie is has a wealth of knowledge, tips, recipes and great products to help your journey 👍"



A Man Preparing a Salad

"Highly recommended. I found a lot of information on ketogenic eating out there, however using lotus within the information was clear and the support has been amazing. I am now off all medication, have lost over 50lbs and feel much healthier overall. I was surprised how well keto fit with me and how easy these changes were with the right education and support. Going for a consult the gift to yourself that you deserve!!"

Doug H

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