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Aromatherapy Products

Kaolin Kiss Masks

Craving deeply nourished, soft and radiant skin? The Ultra Lux and opulent ingredients in our Kaolin Kiss Beauty Masks provide the deeply penetrating nourishment your skin is craving!

Kissable Lip Balms

Just in time for dry season, Kissable Lip Balms offer your lips all the natural moisture and protection they are craving in 5 delicious kissable flavours! But don't worry, we've got the Plain Jane's covered too with Pure Sunshine!

My Cuidado Natural Soaps

Lotus Within is so proud to carry My Cuidado Natural Soaps! Hand crafted by a local Nicaraguan family, using only the highest quality yet simple ingredients, and free of artificial or added fragrance, these beautiful soaps will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and cared for. I love every single one of them and won't use anything else!

NEW Restore and Reverse Whipped Tallow Night Cream

This amazing luxurious cream is for anybody that wants to prevent or reverse time in their skin! Yes, you too gentlemen. This little jar is jam-packed with some of the best of the best age fighting ingredients nature can provide! All lovingly hand crafted and free of chemical enhancers, fragrances and preservatives. Just ultra purified tallow, organic avocado oil and 100% pure essential oils. That's it! But that's not all...

Neem Deo

When was the last time you even thought about your pits let alone pampered them? Such a neglegted and abused part of our body, most of us don't realize the important role our armpits play in our health and well-being! Tucked away in that damp, dark crevice between your arm and your torso, it's often nothing more than a hairy annoyance and a source of embarrassing wetness and odour. Well no more! Neem Deo is far from just a deodorant; it contains all the luxurious, pampering ingredients your pits are craving to detoxify and nourish these underrated and unappreciated workhorses. Love your pits, and they'll love you back...we promise!

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Renew & Rejoice Face Serum

This little miracle in a bottle combines numerous ultra lux quality natural ingredients designed to resolve a myriad of skin problems. Includes ingredients like Palmarosa and Borage that hydrate, Rose, Geranium and Calendula that soothe, Elemi that tones and rejuvenates, Lavender and Neem that stimulate natural cell growth, and carrot seed that offers SPF protection, to only name just a few! Although suitable for any skin types, Renew & Rejoice is particularly wonderful for mature, dry, irritated or problem skin. If you want to freeze or even erase some time, this is the ticket! Oh, and it smells like heaven too!

Revive & Replenish Hair Serum

Do you have drab, lifeless hair? Do you suffer from hair fall? Are you like I was? Hair everywhere! In the sink, clogging the drain, included in every family member's meal? Yuck! More hair on the floor than floor! Even after several dietary changes it was a battle I was losing.

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Serenity Transdermal Magnesium Oil

In addition to the incredible benefits of Magnesium (read more), our Serenity is blended with 100% pure Organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils, making this magnificent blend "relaxation in a bottle"! Perfect for before bed, after a strenuous workout or anytime you want to promote calm Serenity.

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Tranquilo Transdermal Magnesium Oil

In addition to the incredible benefits of magnesium (read more), Tranquilo adds Marjoram and Rosemary known for their ability to promote emotional stability. Use this wonderful blend when feeling especially anxious, irritable, overwhelmed, panicked or over stimulated, lonely or broken hearted. Tranquilo may also benefit those suffering from nightmares, dark thoughts or who want to improve memory, creativity, confidence, perception, energy and who desire to balance the body and mind.

Vyataway Transdermal Magnesium Oil

In addition to the incredible benefits of magnesium (read more), Vyataway contains a proprietary 7 oil blend that dramatically helps soothe stiff aching muscles and joints. Whether, like me you've been around the block a few times and your joints are telling you about it, or today you went around the gym too many times and you know tomorrow you'll be feeling it, this is the miracle in a bottle you need! As the boys down at Fight Club Gym say: "If you don't need this, you're not working out hard enough!"

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