Our Distance Program is Here!

We at Lotus Within are dedicated to making our services the very best they can be. Your health is what we exist for! The biggest contributor to this success? YOU! We love to receive feedback to help us tailor our programs to fit the needs, and to support the health, of everyone we possibly can. We are listening!

If you engage with social media or even the news, or perhaps even just have ears, you have probably heard about the benefits of Ketogenic Nutrition for many health issues including obesity, blood pressure and diabetes, among others. However, you've probably also seen a lot of conflicting information and maybe even downright dangerous advice! Ketogenic Nutrition can be extremely beneficial for so many reasons but, like anything, if undertaken in the wrong way can also have very detrimental consequences to your health! We believe in giving you the proper information, and the necessary tools, to make Ketogenic Nutrition a part of your healthy lifestyle so that you too can receive it's many health benefits. As a matter of fact, diet is THE most important tool in your health tool box so we take it very seriously. This is why we are excited to announce that we have designed a distance program! This program will make it possible for people who are not able to attend our clinics in person to receive customized nutrition plans and one on one guidance virtually by a professional for as long as you need it! If you can use a smartphone tracking app or a computer, then you can participate! Not only that but we are offering the first several participants 40% off the introductory rate in exchange for your feedback to make this program the best it can be! Like our regular programs, the distance program still consists of a free consultation via phone or email to explain the details and answer any questions, so send us a message or give us a call today to book! You'll be so glad you took this first step to the healthiest and best version of you!

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