Fat: Friend or Foe?

For so long we have been advised to avoid fat. By avoiding fat, often our diet then contains extra carbohydrates to make up for the lack of fat. By now we know that carbs, whether simple or complex, are broken down into glucose by the body. The pancreas produces insulin which scrambles to move the glucose into the cells to be used as fuel. Over time, a high carbohydrate diet can lead to the inability to move the glucose into the cells (insulin resistance) which results in a build up of sugar in the blood stream. This condition is known as pre-diabetes, and when left untreated, will lead to diabetes. It is estimated that 85-90% of us are already insulin resistant. When our cells cannot use glucose for fuel, we become fatigued, irritable, hungry and crave carbohydrates. By eating more carbohydrates we repeat the process and the cycle continues. It is easy to see why there are now more than 300,000,000 diabetics world wide. By greatly reducing carbohydrate consumption (especially refined sugars and processed foods) and instead utilizing healthy fats and moderate protein for fuel, we can not only manage insulin resistance, but often reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome (a combination of elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and abdominal obesity which greatly increases your risk for a cardiac event). Book a free consultation to see how we may be able to help you reduce or eliminate diabetic, cholesterol and blood pressure medications and increase your energy levels simply by changing your source of nutritional fuel. We offer one on one support and guidance every step of the way. Contact us today!

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