We offer our accelerated weight loss program at HALF the cost of our competitors because we believe health should be within everyone's reach!

Accelerated Weight Loss/Ketogenic Nutrition In-House or Distance

Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner? Did you know you have a choice? If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic or insulin resistant (like more than 85% of us) you already know you don't burn sugar efficiently, and all that excess glucose is converted to fat which can lead to serious health problems! Whether you want to lose 15 pounds or more per month, gain your health back from high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, or protect it with a customized ketogenic nutrition plan that optimizes fat burn and energy levels without gimmicky diet pills, injections or fake food, we can help you!  Learn how to make healthy food choices for life and natural ways to promote and sustain wellness with one on one support, coaching and guidance from experienced staff. Do you have a big enough reason why? Change your life forever and book a free consultation today! Don't live in our area? If you can use a smart phone app or a computer, we can monitor and coach you from a distance! Contact us today to find out how we are helping people reach their goals even from afar.

Active Living and Personal Training Available!

No matter what your fitness level, whether you are looking to increase flexibility and stamina to prevent falls and injury, are a competing athlete looking for improved endurance and lean muscle building, or you're somewhere in between, our personal trainer will work closely with you one on one while also providing personalized exercise prescription to follow at home. Active living programs can be combined with our accelerated weight loss program to maximize your health potential!


Whether you have successfully completed our accelerated weight loss program, hitting your target healthy weight goal and are ready to formulate your forever nutrition plan, or you are simply interested in changing your current diet to feel better and improve certain health conditions, we can customize a plan for you to both promote and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

VoxxLife Stasis Products

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, stability issues, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, diabetic neuropathy, ADHD/ADD/Autism sensory issues, back pain, sciatica, restless legs or perhaps are an athlete wanting to improve performance naturally? We are so excited to announce we now carry VoxxLife Stasis products! These revolutionary wellness products are changing lives significantly every day! Contact us for more information or to come in for a demo or if you're already familiar with these amazing products, click the button below to shop now!

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