Distance Package-NEW!

Don't live in the area but still want to benefit from this amazing nutrition with knowledgeable guidance? Want the advantage of a customized plan and individual support that Dr. Google just can't provide? We at Lotus Within are listening! Due to overwhelming response, we have launched a program designed just for you! If you can use a smart phone app or a computer, you can still benefit from a customized ketogenic or accelerated weight loss nutrition plan along with one on one guidance, coaching and support. Our plan includes a health assessment, personalized macros, monitoring of dietary intake via online app, access to one on one email, in-app or telephone communication and coaching, supplement advice, recipes and a host of tips for success and healthy longevity! There is some very misleading and even dangerous information out there. Don't risk your well-being following bad advice. Message us today for more information. 

Initial Assessment Week (New In-house Patients)

This package includes a full initial health assessment and two nutritional counseling visits.

The initial clinic visit takes approximately one and a half hours.  You will meet with a nurse who will review your complete medical history, take your vitals, measurements, weight, and height. You will discuss the program, set goals, talk about foods and develop a nutritional plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Your next nutritional counseling visit will be booked at this time for approximately three days later where again your weight will be taken and any dietary adjustments will be made as necessary.

Gold Package (In-house Patients)

It's not a cliche, you really ARE what you eat! We can help you build a healthy body with food. This is our ongoing nutritional program. Whether it's accelerated weight loss of 15 pounds or more per month, ketogenic nutrition or you have specific health concerns you'd like to address, we can tailor a nutritional program just for you! Learn how to use food to nourish your body, mind and soul. Twice weekly nutritional counseling visits where health parameters are monitored, and evidence based dietary adjustments are made as necessary. With a holistic approach to nutrition and many other aspects of wellness, this is a program designed to give you the tools you need to take an active role in your health and well-being for life. We can assist those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. We are with you every step of the way!

Per visit-$50

Weekly-$99 (One Nutritional Counseling Session)

Four Weeks-$349 (Save $51!) (Four Nutritional Counseling sessions )

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