We have taken three of the most relaxing, stress reducing modalities there are (aromatherapy, restorative yoga, hot stones), and combined them to offer an experience that is sure to leave you feeling fully revitalized and thoroughly nourished in mind, body and spirit. During your treatment, your body is gently placed in fully supported and comfortable postures, while healing hands and voice guide you into full relaxation. Warmed Basalt stones, hand selected directly from the river beds of the Andes Mountains for their healing properties, are then gently placed on specific parts of the body to further help you relax, while easing tense muscles, stress and anxiety. All this while the room is infused with a perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils that invite calming groundedness...ahhhh bliss!

Perfect for couples, or any individual that suffers from tension, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or who just want to offer themselves some much needed self-care. A Hot Stone Restorative session makes a great date night or, what better gift to give the bride just before the wedding?

We offer private and small group sessions (up to six) as well as gift certificates.

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